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Flow Class
Execution plan and a modeled logic of a flow
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: FlexRule.Flows
Assembly: FlexRule.Flows (in FlexRule.Flows.dll) Version: (
public class Flow : ExecutionPlan<IFlowDescriptions>

The Flow type exposes the following members.

Public methodFlow(IElementModel)
Creates an execution plan using model and defaults registry
Public methodFlow(Module)
Creates execution plan using Module
Public methodFlow(IElementActivatorRegistry, IElementModel)
Creates execution plan using registry and model
Public methodFlow(IRuleSet, String)
Creates execution plan using ruleset and defaults registry
Public methodFlow(IElementActivatorRegistry, IRuleSet, String)
Creates execution plan using registry and ruleset
Public propertyDescriptions
Provides an interface to discover the procedure descriptions
(Overrides ExecutionPlanTDescriptionDescriptions.)
Public propertyEnabled
If the procedure is not enabled, the engine throws and exception during execution
Public propertyGlossary (Overrides ExecutionPlanTDescriptionGlossary.)
Public propertyModel
Model source of flow
(Overrides ExecutionPlanTDescriptionModel.)
Public propertyName
Procedure name
(Overrides ExecutionPlanTDescriptionName.)
Public propertyNodes
Add internal nodes of the flow
Public propertyReferenceRules (Overrides ExecutionPlanTDescriptionReferenceRules.)
Protected methodBuildFlowExecutionPlan
Protected methodConstructFlow
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Protected methodGetRootDefinitionName
The main flow definition node name, e.g. Flow, Workflow...
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Protected methodPrepareRegistry
Prepares context`s activator registry for the exection
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