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IActiveElementExecutor Methods

The IActiveElementExecutor type exposes the following members.

Public methodCallbackHost
Method that triggers the call-back
(Inherited from IClientCallback.)
Public methodChangeInnerAllChildsExecutionMode
Change state of all internal children to a specific mode while considers an exception
Public methodChangeInnerSibilingExecutionMode
Change state of all sibling to a specific mode while considers an exception
Public methodExecuteAllChilds
Traverse and executes all internal children
Public methodOnEngineCreated
Signals the executor that new engine has created during execution under this executor
Public methodOnExecuted
Signals to raise Executed event
Public methodOnExecuting
Signals to raise Executing event
Public methodOnItemOutOfScope
Signals to raise ItemOutOfScope event
Public methodOnItemTracing
Signals to raise ItemTracing event
Public methodRegisterCleanup
Registers a cleanup routine
Extension Methods
Public Extension MethodCreateContext (Defined by ValidatorEngineExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCreateDecisionTableEngine (Defined by DecisionTableEngineExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodCreateValidatorEngine
Creates a validator engine based on current executor
(Defined by ValidatorEngineExtensions.)
Public Extension MethodRegisterXmlFunctions (Defined by ValidatorEngineExtensions.)
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