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FlexRule.DSL.Tokenizer Namespace
Public classCharsSequence
Provides a sequence of chars
Public classMatchResult
Every token detector will return a MatchResult if they find a match.
Public classStandardTokenDetector
A standard token detector base class. Standard detectors have a DetectorType
Public classStringToken
String token that a tokenizer could detect it
Public classStringTokenExtensions
Provides more function on the tokens
Public classStringTokenizerBuilder
String tokenizer builder which builds a tokenizer with token detectors
Public classStringTokenizerException
Public interfaceISourceReader
Interface to string source reader
Public interfaceISourceScanner
Interface to string source scanner
Public interfaceIStringTokenizer
Interface to string tokenizer
Public interfaceITokenDetector
Every token detector must implement this interface
Public interfaceITokenDetectorContext
Context of finding a token