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FlexRule.Deployment Namespace
Public classDeploymentPackageException
Happens when an exception is occurred during load or creating a package
Public classModule
Module is a collection of logic documents i.e. IRuleSet working together to accomplish a task.
A module encapsulate all the document dependencies according to a version information and some other metadata information i.e. Description.
Public classModuleBuilder
Builds a Module from binary of each logic
Public classModulePackageException
Exceptions related to modules
Public classPackageDetails
Details of a package containing a Module
Package can be created using FlexRule Designer and can be stored as a file structure or a single file.
Public classPackageLoader
Allows loading a built package using FlexRule Designer. A package contains Module and related PackageDetails metadata information. Also a package can hold referenced Assemblies that are required for execution.
Public classPackageSignature
Extra package metadata information