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FlexRule.Flows Namespace
Public classAliasFactory
Main factory to create alias nodes in the flow model
Public classFlow
Execution plan and a modeled logic of a flow
Public classFlowEngine
flow engine to execute workFlow model.
Public classFlowException
Thrown if exception happens in flow runtime
Public classFlowExecutionContext
The context that holds runtime information for flow engine to process each request
Public classFlowExecutionException
Public classFlowExecutor
Public classFlowStateExtensions
Public classNodesActiveElement
Public classNodesFactory
Main factory to load the flow model
Public classProcessErrorException
Thrown if ThrowNode reaches in the flow execution
Public classStateChangedEventArgs
Event arguments of FlowState in workFlowEngine.
Public classSubflowFactory
Public classTransitionUtility
Helper routines for transitions
Public interfaceIActivityNodeExecutor
Custom ActivityNode executor interface to execute a step in flow and activate a transition
Public interfaceIActivityNodeValidator
Validates a custom node with handler
Public interfaceIFlowDescriptions
Helps to discover the procedure definition
Public interfaceIFlowExecutor
ActiveElementExecutor for FlowEngine implements this interface
Public interfaceIFlowModelLoaderExtension
Public interfaceIHistoryQuery
Queries the execution path of the flow
Public interfaceINodeExecutableItem
An instance of a node when flow nodes are activated and being executed
Public interfaceINodeExecutionHistory
History of executed nodes in flow engine
Public interfaceIParallelStack
Public interfaceIResumePointProvider
Public interfaceIRouteCondition
Conditional transition
Public interfaceIRoutePriority
Priority based transition
Public interfaceIWorkflowInstance
Instance of a particular Flow that is being executed
Public enumerationFlowState
Valid states of a Flow or [!:FlexRule.Flows.Workflows.Workflow]