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FlexRule.Flows.Model Namespace
Public classElementNodeRegistry
The main factory to register custom element model
Public classNodeCollection
Default implementation of INodeCollection
Public classNodeExecutableItemBase
Base class that implements INodeExecutableItem
Public classNodeExecutableItemRegistry
The main factory to register custom node
Public classSplitTransitionTrue
Public classTransitionFactory
Public interfaceIElementNodeInitializer
This interface initializes a Node from IElementModel
Public interfaceIFlowNodes
Public interfaceINodeCollection
Collection node nodes in the flow model
Public interfaceINodeExecutableItemProvider
Every flow node must provider an initializer to create its NodeInstance for execution purpose
Public interfaceISplitNode
If a node has splitting behaviour and needs to be joined later must implmenet this interface
Public interfaceITransitionBuilder
When a node implements this interface, it will be asked to create its own transition if required