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FlexRule.Flows.Model.Nodes Namespace
Public classActivityNode
Activity step in flow model
Public classAssignNode
Assign step in flow
Public classCompositeNode
Composite step in flow to merge in an external set of nodes
Public classConditionalTransition
Base implementation for IRouteCondition
Public classContainerNode
Base node for Nodes element in flow model
Public classDataNode
Data step in flow
Public classDecisionNode
Decision step in flow for case or execution routing
Public classDecisionNodeElseTransition
Public classEndNode
End of execution of a flow
Public classGroupNode
Base group step in flow
Public classJoinNode
Join step in flow for synching a SplitNode
Public classLifecycleNode
Base step to change the flow lifecycle
Public classLoopNode
Repeat step in flow
Public classNestedBehaviourExtensions
Public classNode
Base step in flow model
Public classPoolNode
Scope group step in flow
Public classPrioritizedTransition
Priority transition
Public classScopeNode
Scope group step in flow
Public classSplitNode
Split step in flow for parallelization
Public classStartNode
Starting point of a flow
Public classStepNode
Task step in flow model
Public classSuspendNode
Suspend the flow and returns the execution to host
Public classTerminateNode
Terminates the flow execution
Public classThrowNode
Throws an exception in flow
Public classTransactionNode
Transactional section in flow
Public classTransition
A basic transition between steps in flow
Public classTryNode
Tries to execute child nodes with error handling mechanisms
Public classTryNodeTransition
Transition with exception handling enabled
Public classWorkflowNode
End of execution of a flow
Public interfaceIContinue
When a parent node can continue transitioning
Public interfaceINodeDelagate
When a node is replaced with other node for execution, this interface allows retrieving the original node.
Public interfaceIResumable
If a node is can be resumed after hybernation it implements this interface
Public enumerationJoinType
Different types of a JoinNode
Public enumerationSplitType
Different SplitNode type