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FlexRule.Flows.Workflows.Managers Namespace
Public classEventHandlerAttribute
This attribute must be applied on the manager`s methods that are handling process events. All the methods must accept WorkflowExecutionContext as an input argument
Public classHandlerBehaviourAttribute
A manager interface must be marked with this attribute
Public classManagerUtility
Public classNewWorkflowInstanceIdWriter
It ensures every new workflow is stored to the storage and the context of engine has the associated WorkflowInstanceId
Public classScheduledTaskException
Public classScheduledTaskManager
Public classStoreException
This exception will be thrown if something wrong happens in process store
Public classWorkflowManagerException
Public interfaceIManagerRegistry
Registry of workflow event handlers or service for on a WorkflowManager
Public interfaceIServiceInitializer
Inject the initialization arguments to a service
Public enumerationStoreExceptionType
Reason for exception in ProcessStore
Public enumerationWorkflowEvents
All the events a manage can handle an events from wither process or other managers.