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FlexRule.Flows.Workflows.Managers.Tasks Namespace
Public classActor
Actor in a flow or workflow
Public classDirectoryServiceEntry
Key to query the IDirectoryService for users and roles. Represents an identity i.e. Participant or Role with a unique name
Public classExpectations
Public classExpectationsOutcome
Public classMultiParticipantInteractionContext
Public classParticipant
Defines a user participant or owner
Public classPayloadElementDefinition
Public classPayloadElementInfo
Each payload element defines an element information
Public classTaskContext
Public classWorkExtension
Public classWorkLoadParameters
Provides keys to load a work based on combination of values
Public interfaceIDirectoryService
Interface that queries participants based on different criteria
Public interfaceIInteraction
Defines how the goal of the work will be achieved with the interaction of participants
Public interfaceIMultiParticipantTask
A task that enables multi-participant interaction
Public interfaceIOutcomeInfo
Describes the outcome related to a Work defined in a Task
Public interfaceISingleParticipantTask
A task that enables interaction of individuals
Public interfaceITaskIdentity
Definition of the task that can be used to identify a task within a Workflow
Public interfaceITaskService
Implements a task service that allows human interaction.
Public interfaceIWork
Work represents a task that can be store and reloaded from a storage
Public interfaceIWorkItem
Defines a task i.e. work item, associated to a participant
Public enumerationInteractionPolicy
Defines the policy of selecting outcome from work's expectation
Public enumerationPayloadElementInfoElementType
Allows applications to generate appropriate UI based on the type
Public enumerationWorkItemStatus