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Logic Properties

The Logic type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyActivatorRegistry (Inherited from ActiveElement.)
Public propertyChilds (Inherited from ActiveElement.)
Public propertyEnabled
Public propertyHasVariable
Returns true if the logic requires input variable parameter
Public propertyHasVariableDeclaration
True when the logic defines variable using Declaration command
Protected propertyInputVariable
Protected propertyLogic (Inherited from ValidationBase.)
Public propertyLogicType
Type that logic is for
Public propertyModel (Inherited from ActiveElement.)
Public propertyName
Name of the logic
Public propertyNavigator (Inherited from ActiveElement.)
Public propertyNegated (Inherited from ValidationBase.)
Public propertyNoticeFor
When this event happens notices being written into notification
(Inherited from ValidationBase.)
Public propertyNoticeGroup (Inherited from ValidationBase.)
Public propertyNoticeTargetObject (Inherited from ValidationBase.)
Public propertyNoticeType (Inherited from ValidationBase.)
Public propertyPriority (Inherited from ValidationBase.)
Public propertyRules
List of rules
(Inherited from Aggregate.)
Public propertyRulesLength
Numbers if available rule to be validated
(Inherited from Aggregate.)
Public propertyTag (Inherited from ValidationBase.)
Protected propertyValidatorDescriptions (Inherited from ValidationBase.)
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