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ElementModelUtility Class
Provides utilities for the logic model
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: FlexRule
Assembly: FlexRule.Core.Element (in FlexRule.Core.Element.dll) Version: (
public static class ElementModelUtility

The ElementModelUtility type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberGetDeclaration(ActiveElement)
Public methodStatic memberGetDeclaration(IElementModel)
Public methodStatic memberGetIndex
Gets the index of this model on the parent. When parent is null, returns -1
Public methodStatic memberGetLogic
When Validation document, it find Logic element of a model. Otherwise null.
Public methodStatic memberGetParameterValueTExpectedType
Reads the parameter's value based on a specific expected type
Public methodStatic memberGetRoot(ActiveElement)
Public methodStatic memberGetRoot(IElementModel)
Find Root element of a model
Public methodStatic memberGetValueOfAttributeOrVariable
Find the value from model`s parameters. If that value is a name of variable if the provided container it resolve the result with the container.
Public methodStatic memberHasChildOf
Checks if the model has any child name as childCommandName
Public methodStatic memberIndexOf
Checks if the model has any child name as childCommandName
Public methodStatic memberIsInHierarchy
Checks if the model happens inside the command name
Public methodStatic memberSameAs
Checks if both provided model are the same
Public methodStatic memberToXml
Transform IElementModel to its XML presentation
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