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IWorkflowInstanceStateManager Interface
This manager would manage the storing and loading a long running workflow into a durable storage

Namespace: FlexRule.Flows.Workflows.Managers.InstanceStore
Assembly: FlexRule.Flows.Workflow (in FlexRule.Flows.Workflow.dll) Version: (
public interface IWorkflowInstanceStateManager : IWorkflowIdentityManager

The IWorkflowInstanceStateManager type exposes the following members.

Public methodListByState
Lists all the workflow instances in a particular state
Public methodListExpiredInstances
Lists all the expired workflow instances
Public methodLoadContext
Loads context using the provided
Public methodLoadStateInfo
Loads information related to a stored context
Public methodResolve
This creates an address if does not exist otherwise returns the address identifier
(Inherited from IWorkflowIdentityManager.)
Public methodStore
Stores the workflow`s context into a durable storage
When new instance is provided, stores it, otherwise, update the existing one.
Deserialization and Serialization of a running workflow is required as it takes long time to process and usually it may involve different parties or actors to take action and process different part of the workflow. In order to persist and reload the running workflow (process) into and from a durable storage this interface is used. This behaviour allows the running workflow when reaches a ReceiverNode that is part of ListenerSplitNode be stored into a storage. Also when a WorkflowEngine using a WorkflowManager picks that stored process to be resumed, it loads the WorkflowExecutionContext and continues the execution from the last point it went to hydration.
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