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IElementActivatorRegistry Interface
Each model element of an active element needs to provide an activator to be registered in an activator registry which exposes the following interface through IActiveElementExecutionContext

Namespace: FlexRule
Assembly: FlexRule.Core.Element (in FlexRule.Core.Element.dll) Version: (
public interface IElementActivatorRegistry : IServiceTypeRegistry<AbstractElementActivatorFactory>

The IElementActivatorRegistry type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetFactories
Returns all the corresponding factories for a node
Public methodGetService
Returns the registered service. If it is not registered yet it throws exception
(Inherited from IServiceTypeRegistryTService.)
Public methodIsRegistered
If type is registered returns true, otherwise false
(Inherited from IServiceTypeRegistryTService.)
Public methodLoadAndRegister
Loads the factory from loading context and registers it into the activator registry
(Inherited from IServiceTypeRegistryTService.)
Public methodRegisterElement
Registers an element and corresponding factory
Public methodRegisterFactory
Registers all the elements for the factory into the activator registry
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