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FlexRule.Validation Namespace
Public classActiveValidator
Creates and set context variables
Public classAliasContext
When an alias command is executed this class provides the validation context to the method
Public classConceptValidator
Public classLogicCallerInfo
Then logic is called by other validation commands, they have to pass their information
Public classLogicFactory
Public classLogicInput
Logic input when is called for validation
Public classNaturalLanguageValidator
Public classNotificationSetExtensions
Public classValidationAttributeRequiredException
Public classValidationBuilder
Validation logic builder
Public classValidationBuilderException
Public classValidationConsistencyException
Public classValidator
Creates a procedure for execution using a provided context and model
Public classValidatorEngine
Execution engine for RuleProcedure object
Public classValidatorEngineExtension
Public classValidatorEngineExtensions
Extension class to build validator engine
Public classValidatorExecutionContext
Execution context for validation engine
Public classValidatorExecutor
Validator executor
Public classValidatorExecutorSetupInformation
Public classValidatorFactory
Factory for CallValidator or Validator
Public interfaceIValidatorDescriptions
Definition of a validator signature
Public interfaceIValidatorEngine
Validator contract that allows validating a default object or a set of input parameters
Public interfaceIValidatorExecutor
Public enumerationNoticeEvent
Logic writes Notice to Notification if the result is matched with these results.
Public enumerationValidationBehaviour
Behaviour of validation engine
Public enumerationValidationBuilderDirection