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ValidationBuilder Class
Validation logic builder
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: FlexRule.Validation
Assembly: FlexRule.Validation (in FlexRule.Validation.dll) Version: (
public class ValidationBuilder : ElementModelBuilder

The ValidationBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCommandName
Main command name of the builder
(Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected propertyCountChilds (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected propertyCurrentPosition (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected propertyLogics
Public methodAlias
Declare an Alias
Public methodAndStart
Begins an And node
Public methodAppendBuilder(ElementModelBuilder)
Appends another builder into current one when a hierarchy of commands is required
(Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Public methodBuild
Protected methodBuildValidation (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Public methodCheck
Appends a Check node
Public methodContains
Appends a Contains check
Protected methodCreateParameterCollection
Creates the parameters as a dictionary
(Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Public methodCustom(String)
Declare a custom node with no attributes
Public methodCustom(String, IDictionaryString, String)
Declare a custom node with attributes
Public methodDeclarationStart
Begins a declaration node
Public methodDefine
Declare a parameter
Public methodEmpty
Appends an Empty check
Public methodEnd
Ends the mode closest node that has started
Protected methodExistName (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected methodExistParameter (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Public methodFalse
False node
Public methodFalseStart
Begins a False node
Public methodForEachStart
Begins a ForEach node
Public methodGroupStart
Begins a Group node
Protected methodIsInHierarchy (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Public methodLogicStart
Begins a Logic node
Protected methodMoveToChild (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected methodMoveToChildFirst (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected methodMoveToChildLast (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected methodMoveToParent (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected methodMoveToRoot (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected methodName (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Public methodNorStart
Begins a Nor node
Public methodNotStart
Begins a Not node
Public methodNull
Appends a Null check
Protected methodOnAppendingBuilder (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Public methodOrStart
Begins an Or node
Protected methodParameter
Adds parameter with a name and value
(Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Protected methodProcessOneLineCommandQueue
Public methodRegex
Appends a Regex check
Public methodSetEnable
Set enable attribute of a node
Public methodSetMessage
Set message attribute of a node
Public methodSetName
Set name attribute of a node
Public methodSetNegate
Set negate attribute of a node
Public methodSetNotice
Set notice type of a node
Public methodSetNoticeProperty
Set notice type of a node
Public methodSetPriority
Set priority attribute of a node
Public methodSetProcessAll
Set processAll attribute of a node
Public methodSetTag
Set tag attribute of a node
Public methodSetVariable
Set variable attribute of a logic node
Public methodThenStart
Begins a Then node
Public methodToString (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Public methodTrue
True node
Public methodTrueStart
Begins a True node
Public methodUniqueConstraint
Begins a UniqueConstraint node
Public methodUsing
Declare a Using
Protected methodValidate(Boolean) (Inherited from ElementModelBuilder.)
Public methodValidate(String, String)
Appends a Validate node
Public methodVar
Appends a Var node
Public methodWhenStart
Begins a When node
Public methodXnorStart
Begins an Xnor node
Public methodXorStart
Begins an Xor node
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